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Military and First Responders Recognition Program

The Grand Lodge of Illinois is proud to honor its members who are serving or have served us in the Military or as First Responders.  These brave Brothers have put our welfare ahead of their own.  For this reason, our Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (IMOS) has developed a lapel pin honoring these of our (your) members.
Regardless of how you do it, the presentation of the pin is as important as the token itself and should take place visibly.   Each lodge is different.  Some have many members to honor, some just a few.  Some lodges have money to spend, some do not.  Therefore, it is up to your lodge to determine how you will make the presentation.  Once you identify which members have served or are serving, contact IMOS and we will provide you with the lapel pins and a personalized certificate for each brother recognized.
Here are some ideas for how you might make the presentation:

  1. Presentation at a Meeting:  The easiest and least costly presentation is to simply invite those who deserve to be recognized to a regular meeting and at some point call them to the East where the Worshipful Master can present them with the lapel pin.    You can ask each member to identify themselves and their service history, or the Master (or another officer) can read from a list.  It is really up to you and your lodge.
  2. Presentation at a Dinner (or Dinner with meeting):  If the lodge chooses to add a dinner, one suggestion is the “Missing Man Table” (a copy of that presentation is available “here

However your lodge chooses to honor its Military and First Responder membership, please let IMOS know how we can assist.  To do this and to request the lapel pins and certificates, please email the Full Name – as well as the Lodge Name/Number – of the recipient(s) to IMOS Support Staff member, Hannah Montague at: or contact her at 217-529-8900 extension 215.

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