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The Illinois Masonic Foundation SAP provides training to develop or enhance a Student Assistance Program. Training costs, including training, materials, meals and lodging when appropriate, are covered through the charitable contributions of IL Masons and, when available, through grants and contributions of other private foundations. Participating schools are responsible for covering the costs of substitutes.

Adult Learning Strategies

Interactive and experiential activities prepare participants to implement or improve their SAP. Educators have repeatedly acclaimed these as the most renewing and rewarding training experiences of their careers.

Credit Available

ISBE Continuing Professional Development Credits (CPDU) are available for all of the IL Masonic Foundation Training.
Following training, technical support continues through the commitment of the IL Masonic Foundation.
Course Description

SAP Core Team Training...

prepares a team of school personnel to start a program. New teams are required to start with this training.

Length: 2 Days.
Times: 8:00 to 4:00 pm including a working lunch on both days.

SAP Team Booster Training...

helps operating SAP teams renew their mission, sharpen their skills and focus on the coming year, all in an environment of learning with members from other teams. It is designed for whole teams to attend in order to get the greatest benefit.

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Safe Schools: Bullying Prevention and Conflict Management

We have designed this workshop to teach concrete, immediate, and experiential prevention and intervention skills that deal with the issues of conflict, anger, and bullying. Educators will learn what triggers conflict and anger; examine various conflict styles; explore competition as a possible root of conflict. This workshop offers concrete information on appropriate limits and boundaries; and makes clear the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior.

Expectations / Learning Objectives In this workshop participants will receive time-proven and practical daily strategies. Topics covered include:
  1. Receiving updated data on violence trends in America’s schools
  2. Examining patterns of bullying
  3. Learning skills to help schools prevent bullying
  4. Learning skills to stop the cycle of harassment and bullying
  5. Conducting conflict and anger self assessments
  6. Examining the conditions for harassment, bullying and violence
  7. Examining the effects of violence on victims
  8. Practice intervention strategies

Diversity and Multicultural Awareness

This one-day workshop is designed to address the behaviors of administrators, teachers and students. Participants will be introduced to a "Do as I Do" paradigm. Participants will focus on teaching tolerance and respect for diversity. The three basic learning goals are, learning social responsibility through service, clarifying our future visions by learning from the past, and creating a community of caring.

Basic values and beliefs must be addressed in our schools. Learning by serving promotes citizenship and social responsibility. Learning from the past examines racism and prejudice. Creating a community of caring teaches educators to practice what they preach as conscious role models.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Identify, practice, and implement strategies to improve tolerance and respect for diversity in their schools.
  • Identify and implement intervention skills to deal with racism and prejudice.
  • Identify and implement life skills to create a school community of respect and caring.
  • Gain a better understanding of one's own perspective of diversity (cultural, racial, gender and sexual orientation).
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